Travel Report Setup and Usage

How do you email a Travel Report?

If you're used to used to Airmail/Sailmail position reporting then go to the normal "Travel Report" menu item. On the right there is a set of tabs, one of them is "Yotreps". In the "Send To" edit field just paste in the VentureFarther reporting email address "".
p.s. You also need to make sure in your VentureFarther profile that your email address that you are sending the report from is there. If you have more than one email address there are now 2 places to enter them. VentureFarther will accept a position report from either address. If a report is sent in from an email address that is not registered it will be rejected.

What if I do not use Airmail and still want to email a Travel Report?

This is slightly more work but what you need to do is send a formatted email to "" with your report information. The format would be similar to the Airmail one and is (this is an example, replace the example values with yours):

TIME.: 2014/10/15 05:58
LATITUDE: 24-45.44S
LONGITUDE: 152-23.66E
COMMENT: At Hog Harbor enjoying the beach and the sunsets.

How can I "track" a member and get an email sent to me when they report?

Step 1 Become a member, which is free and can be done here. (already a member, then sign in and skip to step 2)

Step 2 Request to "track" the member here.

Can I send an Email Invite to Track Me?

This is where the Invite Friends & Family page comes in handy.

Step 1 Go to Invite Friends & Family

Step 2 On the "Invite Friends & Family", type in their email address and click the "Send Invite" button.

They will receive an email from VentureFarther with a button that will bring them to a quick join page(they need to become a limited member so they can manage the emails). Once they enter just a few fields they will be redirected to your personal position report page.

What if you send in a Travel Report that has a mistake in it?

No worries, just go to the My Travel Reports and make your changes! While you are there why not add a photo?

Hey, I have never submitted a Travel Report, but there are Travel Reports for me. Why?

This is one of the really unique and powerful parts of VentureFarther. When a member uploads a NMEA file for VentureFarther to process, depths, position and AIS are pulled from the file. If there is a match from an AIS report with an MMSI number of a member, then a position report is automatically created.

What if you want to send in a Travel Report in a way VentureFarther does not accept?

Send me an email with the report and your provider. I will look at how to add that format to the VentureFarther inbound email processing engine.

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