Southport Marine Stadium

  • 27º 56.870 S 153º 25.430 E
Created on Nov 23, 2014

While there were plenty of boats inside the marine stadium when we visited, there was also ample room to anchor in approx 10 feet heavy sand, good holding. We read that boats could be made to evacuate if a performance was planned. The whole rounded area called "The Spit" that forms the anchorage is park & beach and makes for easy dinghy landing. You can walk park trails or go to Sea World from here. You can also anchor just outside the marine stadium in the designated anchorage in front of Sea World but it isn't as protected from wind & wakes. If you dinghy across the river to the western side you can tie up to the public wharf at Anzac Park where there are man made rock pools for cooling off, a fancy kids playground, pretty grounds and the large, indoor Australia Fair mall. Inside is a large supermarket for groceries and all other typical mall stores.

  • Australia Fair Mall on western side of the river.
  • Mariners Cove is at least one marina with an easy access fuel dock.
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